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Sponsor the
Blue Light Weekend

The Blue Light Weekend organising committee are seeking your pledge to support this local high-profile fundraising event.

It seeks to both celebrate and pay tribute to our emergency services by showcasing Withernsea and the east coast – presenting both our community and local businesses in a positive light.

Why associate your business with this event?

Aligning with our social values and bringing focus on your business as a ‘good corporate citizen’ means you will be positively contributing to your community and to the local economy, while also having a positive influence on people’s health and wellbeing. Profits after event costs will be donated to the charities of blue light services.

We are offering the opportunity for our main sponsors to be elevated above others and show leadership through association with an event that is ultimately a force for good.

We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities during the 2023 Blue Light Weekend:

Please email us if you want to sponsor any event/activity in full or part.

However if you would like to make a contribution, please head over to our

fundraising page where any donation will be appreciated.


Bluesy Light Men

The Blue Light Weekend are blessed to have two outstanding musicians organising our Blue Light Bash on 13th August.

Local musicians Chris Morfitt (left) and Kevin Lythe have been collaborating on a wide variety of music events for over 40 years - although being well known bass players they have never been in the same band!


Events such as Withernsea Rock at Teddys Club  in aid of Christmas lights, the first Widstock festivals and A Day In The Country in aid of cot death research.

Chris bands - The Izal Brothers, Them Naked Men, The Zynxs, most recently with his sons in Bonemuel.

Kevs bands  -  Schubert’s Apprentice,  Afterglow, Cryin Shame Dave is Bowie, Happy New Beer, Headrush, The Pub Lads - and most recently barefaced.

About Blip Active

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Blip Active is a dedicated outdoor events company that is passionate about encouraging all abilities to experience the best of the outdoors the UK has to offer through physical challenges.


We run well-organised friendly events including swim, cycling, running and triathlons that are accessible and safe for all those wanting to give it a go. We pride ourselves on organising quality events where the competitor can concentrate on enjoying their challenge while we take care of all the details and support for them.


Physical activity is more than just business for us. We are passionate about encouraging all abilities to ‘get out and push themselves’ and enjoy the many

benefits that sport and our wonderful local area have to offer.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch and let's start something big.

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